Welcome to The Peddler Blog-New Website Coming

Why a new blog? We’re working on a full website, but that takes some time. In the interim the blog is a here in the mean time. To share information on our stores. We have a NEW location near Cedar Park on Avery Ranch Boulevard and Parmer Lane. From day 1 The Peddler has been about connecting with our customers, and working hard on their behalf.  The area is where I call home, and am a part of the community, but most for myself and Heather to spend more time with our two children. To let them see my passion, hard work, and be proud to tell their friends that their dad own The Peddler Bike Shop. You’ll still see me at Duval, working with the guys. It’s where the Peddler was born, and will continue to thrive.

What’s Different at the new store? Nothing really. We have the same great brands, we’re close to the Brushy Creek Hike and Bike trail network and Deception Mountain Bike Trail so we have some more MTB choices. If you haven’t been by, come see us. Store hours are the same as Duval.